Properties of natural stones and their virtues

Eye of tiger

Formerly called wolf stone, it is used as a protective stone against the evil eye and black magic. But it also finds its place during empathy problems when a person is overwhelmed by the energies of places or people.

It brings calm and balance. It helps to overcome and overcome worry, fear, depression, agitation, introversion and especially negativity. This healing stone has benefits on the nervous system and also heals the joints.

Lapis lazuli

From the Latin “lapis” and the Arabic “azul”, this stone of wisdom has a calming effect on nervous or depressed people. It is used to help improve vision problems, reduce dandruff and reduce skin problems. It also provides relief from migraines and headaches.

Among the Romans, for example, lapis lazuli was the stone attached to Venus, goddess of love, because it was believed to have aphrodisiac powers.

Among the Greeks, this stone was associated with the goddess of war and the goddess of wisdom. This is why it was called the sapphire of the ancients.

In the Middle Ages, the lapis lazuli stone was effective in combating phobias, uncertainty and envy.


Coming from the Greek “Rhodon”, meaning Rose, this semi-precious stone has many benefits. The use of rhodonite is recommended to reduce anxiety and calm stress, especially during exams or when there are too many emotions. Very effective in adolescents lacking endurance and courage, it stimulates their learning and anxiety management abilities.

Furthermore, rhodonite is a stone linked to the energy of the heart. Within the couple, it helps improve relationships, strengthen trust and bring peace. It soothes jealousy and brings tenderness and gentleness.

Restorative, rhodonite also helps overcome any emotional trauma, whether wounds of the soul or those of the body. She promotes forgiveness and helps release grudges and anger linked to the past.

Turquoise from South Africa

.African jasper is often considered the stone of evolution. It opens the mind to new ideas, new possibilities and a new existence. It is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity where it should be.

This positive and optimistic stone gives reflection on the new steps to take to develop a better and more positive vision of life.

It also helps you relieve mood swings, encourage acceptance, and soothe feelings of emotional aggravation.


Malachite is the protective stone that reassures and gives assurance. It is known to soothe anxiety, ward off negative energies and relieve pain.

This natural stone is known to protect pregnancies, promote childbirth and relieve painful periods. It also soothes sleep disorders and nightmares in children.

It is ideal for rebalancing body energy.

Multicolor tourmaline

The name "tourmaline" derived from the Sinhalese word "thoramali" means "stone of mixed colors ", stimulates creativity and imagination.

It is a protective stone that harmonizes the body and the mind. It is recommended for people practicing spiritual activity.

It is also very beneficial for dreams and has the property of being one of the most powerful stones in the absorption of negative energies.


moon stone

Moonstone is a very calming, soothing stone, it is an anti-stress.

Stone of fertility, it develops female fertility and brings comfort and protection to pregnant women.

It also stimulates voluptuousness and helps lovers in their quest for a fulfilled sexuality free from all preconceived ideas.



Amazonite is a joyful stone, ideal for finding your inner child. It awakens the joy of living. It also helps to put things into perspective and above all to live the present moment spontaneously.

This stone of comfort fights against frustrations, it promotes spontaneity and encourages human contact.

Ideal for finding inner peace.


Agate has the main property of being a stone of anchor and luck.

It has the reputation of promoting physical, emotional and intellectual balance. It chases away negative thoughts and energies, restores self-confidence and provides a feeling of stability.

Landscape jasper

Perfect for meditation, Landscape Jasper invites us to free ourselves from inner suffering to bring comfort, harmony and rest. It transmits wisdom to us, protects, purifies and strengthens patience or foresight.

It is a stone that encourages resistance and persistence, it encourages you to always continue moving forward without ever giving up. It encourages, in particular, to stop smoking and helps eliminate body toxins.



Labradorite is an excellent stone for protection against psychic energies and negative thoughts. It is recommended for people working in the medical field, hospitals, and all professions where the main thing is caring for others.

It also helps us recover from fatigue, whether of physical or intellectual origin, reduce stress and regulate our metabolism.

Worn by lonely hearts, it would increase the chances of finally meeting a soul mate!

Stone maintenance

Known to be fragile, it is especially important to pay attention to its maintenance.

Avoid sources of excessive heat, hot baths, acid, soap and saline solutions.

To clean your stones, use a dry or very slightly damp cloth.

Warning :

The properties, benefits and virtues of the stones stated are information taken from various works and reference websites in litho therapy and cannot in any way constitute a medical diagnosis nor engage our responsibility.

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