Collection: Gold plated jewelry

Our range of GOLD Plated Jewelry

In these categories you will find gold plated and gilded jewelry. Our jewelry has a superior finish to most gold-plated jewelry that you will find in jewelry stores, we work with the most beautiful stones and zirconiums on the market. Our range of gold-plated and gilded jewelry for women is available in several universes, gold-plated rings , gold-plated earrings , gold-plated bracelets but also pretty gold-plated sets : necklace, pendant and matching earrings.

Less expensive and more original than gold jewelry , gold-plated and gilded jewelry allows you to treat yourself more often and follow trends at a lower cost.

Our online jewelry is sold individually or in bulk.

Our activity as a Wholesaler of GOLD-plated Jewelry

Jewelry wholesaler , Bijouxmode offers you a wide range of gold-plated and gilded jewelry with multicultural influence, from Oriental, Gypsy, African, Creole, Ethnic, Judaic jewelry to more Western jewelry

Always looking for new designs, we create for you and work for your success.